About Us

Founded in 2018 by Dr. Philip Milanovich, a self-described Solutionist, who has numerous patents, Earth Clean Solutions has a plan to solve some of the world’s most dire problems. Noticing that current technology was not going to solve the garbage problem at a fast enough pace or a big enough scale, Dr. Milanovich developed a technology to address the garbage issue. In doing so, he realized that garbage clean-up could provide a financial solution for the millions of women living in poverty globally. If he could develop a plan to train them and pay them, making them financially independent, their lives would be transformed.

However, since paying women in poverty can be challenging, Dr. Milanovich developed a new crypto currency model using the power of block networks. With that, women working to clean up garbage could be paid directly. Those investing in the Earth Coin Solutions currency would invest in a life-altering solution that will be available in the 3rd or 4th quarter of 2021. Dr. Milanovich is quoted as saying “crypto currency is to finance what the internet is to information!”

For more information about Dr. Milanovich, Earth Clean Solutions and how to invest in this exciting project, please contact us directly at 480 212 6324.